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2020-07-26T20:01:03+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:23/93, chars:76180, date:2020-07-26T20:01:02+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-07-26T20:00:58+00:00: 473-a79b4155 submitted in issue #484: "Find a way to eliminate this ClassDataAbstractionCouplingCheck. The class probably needs to be..." at src/main/java/org/jpeek/graph/XmlGraph.java; 38-41 /0.30.21

2020-07-26T20:00:49+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:23/93, chars:76132, date:2020-07-26T20:00:48+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-07-26T20:00:45+00:00: 445-1cfd81f6 closed in issue #473 /0.30.21

2020-07-26T20:00:43+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:23/93, chars:76097, date:2020-07-26T20:00:43+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-06-29T20:39:22+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:23/92, chars:75029, date:2020-06-29T20:39:21+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-06-29T20:39:17+00:00: 449-dd12396b submitted in issue #482: "Implement NCC calculation with `XmlGraph` and use this class to fix CCM metric (see issue #449)...." at src/main/java/org/jpeek/calculus/java/Ccm.java; 88-94 /0.30.21

2020-06-29T20:39:09+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:23/92, chars:74981, date:2020-06-29T20:39:08+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-06-29T20:39:05+00:00: 449-96cd40b8 submitted in issue #481: "The `node` method in this interface was designed with only XSL implementation in mind - it uses..." at src/main/java/org/jpeek/calculus/Calculus.java; 39-50 /0.30.21

2020-06-29T20:38:55+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:23/92, chars:74933, date:2020-06-29T20:38:54+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-06-29T20:38:52+00:00: 437-e6b95171 closed in issue #470 /0.30.21

2020-06-29T20:38:51+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:23/92, chars:74898, date:2020-06-29T20:38:50+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-06-29T20:38:48+00:00: 445-b9bbd966 closed in issue #472 /0.30.21

2020-06-29T20:38:47+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:23/92, chars:74863, date:2020-06-29T20:38:46+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-06-29T20:38:44+00:00: 413-b264bb98 closed in issue #441 /0.30.21

2020-06-29T20:38:41+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:23/92, chars:74828, date:2020-06-29T20:38:40+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-05-01T21:55:38+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:24/90, chars:72692, date:2020-05-01T21:55:38+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-05-01T21:55:33+00:00: 445-1cfd81f6 submitted in issue #473: "This method works only for skeletons with a single class because it assigns all methods in the..." at src/main/java/org/jpeek/graph/XmlGraph.java; 77-80 /0.30.21

2020-05-01T21:55:24+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:24/90, chars:72644, date:2020-05-01T21:55:23+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-05-01T21:55:20+00:00: 445-b9bbd966 submitted in issue #472: "Continue the work started with extracting XmlMethodCall, XmlMethodArgs and XmlMethodSignature,..." at src/main/java/org/jpeek/graph/XmlGraph.java; 39-44 /0.30.21

2020-05-01T21:55:10+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:24/90, chars:72596, date:2020-05-01T21:55:09+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-05-01T21:55:07+00:00: 441-ed4884a5 closed in issue #445 /0.30.21

2020-05-01T21:55:05+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:24/90, chars:72561, date:2020-05-01T21:55:04+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-05-01T21:55:00+00:00: 444-ff900aeb closed in issue #459 /0.30.21

2020-05-01T21:54:58+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:24/90, chars:72526, date:2020-05-01T21:54:57+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21