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Since 2022-03-27T17:17:54+00:00

2022-03-27T17:17:51+00:00: DEV-abaf9525 closed in issue #582 /0.30.26

2022-03-27T17:17:50+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:64/224, chars:134439, date:2022-03-27T17:17:49+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26

2022-03-27T17:17:47+00:00: DEV-9b6b032b closed in issue #229 /0.30.26

2022-03-27T17:17:45+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:64/224, chars:134404, date:2022-03-27T17:17:44+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26

2022-03-27T16:40:25+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/224, chars:134402, date:2022-03-27T16:40:24+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26

2022-02-19T23:24:17+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/224, chars:134402, date:2022-02-19T23:24:16+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26

2022-02-19T23:24:14+00:00: DEV-b06295d8 submitted in issue #592: "Enable xcop when xml/html files will be added to the project. So far there is no profit." at Rakefile; 94-95 /0.30.26

2022-02-19T23:24:10+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/224, chars:134353, date:2022-02-19T23:24:09+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26

2022-02-19T23:24:07+00:00: 572-2610edcd submitted in issue #591: "Integrate rultor with GitHub action and push docker image with particular tag" at .github/workflows/build.yml; 12-12 /0.30.26

2022-02-19T23:24:02+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/224, chars:134304, date:2022-02-19T23:24:02+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26

2022-02-19T23:23:59+00:00: 572-89ab01c5 submitted in issue #590: "Publish docker image in GitHub actions in order to replace Circle CI" at .github/workflows/build.yml; 10-10 /0.30.26

2022-02-19T23:23:54+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/224, chars:134255, date:2022-02-19T23:23:53+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26

2022-02-19T23:23:51+00:00: 572-8a890c62 submitted in issue #589: "Test docker image in GitHub actions in order to replace Circle CI" at .github/workflows/build.yml; 8-8 /0.30.26

2022-02-19T23:23:46+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/224, chars:134206, date:2022-02-19T23:23:46+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26

2022-02-19T23:23:43+00:00: 572-2ddaa5f0 submitted in issue #588: "Assemble docker image in GitHub actions in order to replace Circle CI" at .github/workflows/build.yml; 6-6 /0.30.26

2022-02-19T23:23:38+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/224, chars:134157, date:2022-02-19T23:23:37+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26

2022-02-18T22:46:18+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:61/219, chars:131921, date:2022-02-18T22:46:17+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26

2022-02-17T20:08:34+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:61/219, chars:131921, date:2022-02-17T20:08:33+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26

2022-02-17T20:08:30+00:00: DEV-7460c41c submitted in issue #587: "Update copyright to 2022 for sql files as current changes of structure may lead to manual actions..." at Rakefile; 85-86 /0.30.26

2022-02-17T20:08:25+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:61/219, chars:131872, date:2022-02-17T20:08:25+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26

2022-02-17T20:08:23+00:00: DEV-ea4c792a closed in issue #584 /0.30.26

2022-02-17T20:08:21+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:61/219, chars:131837, date:2022-02-17T20:08:20+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26

2022-02-17T19:54:44+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:61/218, chars:131355, date:2022-02-17T19:54:44+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26

2022-02-17T19:54:41+00:00: DEV-ef6c4b6d submitted in issue #586: "Svn::Diff Add test to check engine structure without email sending" at test/lazylead/task/svn/diff_test.rb; 33-33 /0.30.26

2022-02-17T19:54:36+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:61/218, chars:131306, date:2022-02-17T19:54:36+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26