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2022-07-18T08:02:07+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/71, chars:35960, date:2022-07-18T08:02:07+00:00, version:0.31.3 /0.31.3

2022-07-18T08:02:05+00:00: DEV-b61521b4 closed in issue #635 /0.31.3

2022-07-18T08:02:03+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/71, chars:35925, date:2022-07-18T08:02:03+00:00, version:0.31.3 /0.31.3

2022-07-18T08:02:01+00:00: DEV-56055b26 closed in issue #634 /0.31.3

2022-07-18T08:01:59+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/71, chars:35890, date:2022-07-18T08:01:59+00:00, version:0.31.3 /0.31.3

2022-07-18T08:01:57+00:00: DEV-c0967131 closed in issue #633 /0.31.3

2022-07-18T08:01:54+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/71, chars:35855, date:2022-07-18T08:01:53+00:00, version:0.31.3 /0.31.3

2022-07-18T08:01:51+00:00: DEV-578a1640 closed in issue #632 /0.31.3

2022-07-18T08:01:50+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/71, chars:35820, date:2022-07-18T08:01:49+00:00, version:0.31.3 /0.31.3

2022-07-18T08:01:47+00:00: DEV-8b4d64b0 closed in issue #631 /0.31.3

2022-07-18T08:01:45+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/71, chars:35785, date:2022-07-18T08:01:45+00:00, version:0.31.3 /0.31.3

2022-07-12T08:05:07+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/66, chars:33338, date:2022-07-12T08:05:07+00:00, version:0.31.2 /0.31.2

2022-07-08T08:02:34+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/66, chars:33338, date:2022-07-08T08:02:34+00:00, version:0.31.0 /0.31.0

2022-07-08T08:02:31+00:00: DEV-b61521b4 submitted in issue #635: "Enable xcop when xml/html files will be added to the project. So far there is no profit. require..." at Rakefile; 94-103 /0.31.0

2022-07-08T08:02:30+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/66, chars:33289, date:2022-07-08T08:02:29+00:00, version:0.31.0 /0.31.0

2022-07-08T08:02:27+00:00: DEV-56055b26 submitted in issue #634: "TestMail.deliveries -> store all emails to the files in /test/resources/testmailer/*.html. Right..." at lib/lazylead/postman.rb; 40-47 /0.31.0

2022-07-08T08:02:26+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/66, chars:33240, date:2022-07-08T08:02:25+00:00, version:0.31.0 /0.31.0

2022-07-08T08:02:23+00:00: DEV-c0967131 submitted in issue #633: "Add support of symbols for options in order to use both notations like opts[:endpoint] or..." at lib/lazylead/exchange.rb; 35-40 /0.31.0

2022-07-08T08:02:22+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/66, chars:33191, date:2022-07-08T08:02:22+00:00, version:0.31.0 /0.31.0

2022-07-08T08:02:19+00:00: DEV-578a1640 submitted in issue #632: "Refactor this method in order to make it more human-readable and remove the suppresion below..." at lib/lazylead/confluence.rb; 107-111 /0.31.0

2022-07-08T08:02:18+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/66, chars:33142, date:2022-07-08T08:02:18+00:00, version:0.31.0 /0.31.0

2022-07-08T08:02:15+00:00: DEV-8b4d64b0 submitted in issue #631: "Remove the suppression during next refactoring (or enhancements) for the method below..." at lib/lazylead/model.rb; 182-185 /0.31.0

2022-07-08T08:02:09+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/66, chars:33093, date:2022-07-08T08:02:08+00:00, version:0.31.0 /0.31.0

2022-03-27T17:22:37+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:66/224, chars:134472, date:2022-03-27T17:22:36+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26

2022-03-27T17:17:54+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:64/224, chars:134474, date:2022-03-27T17:17:53+00:00, version:0.30.26 /0.30.26