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Since 2017-10-25T15:52:17+00:00

2017-10-25T15:52:16+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:4/28, chars:17400, date:2017-10-25T15:52:16+00:00, version:BUILD /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:52:15+00:00: 80-31addd77 closed in issue #83 /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:52:14+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:4/28, chars:17295, date:2017-10-25T15:52:14+00:00, version:BUILD /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:52:13+00:00: 40-679dfbe3 closed in issue #64 /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:52:12+00:00: 26-2470bd41 closed in issue #58 /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:52:11+00:00: 26-91cf6434 closed in issue #56 /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:52:10+00:00: 26-9cfe9c79 closed in issue #55 /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:52:09+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:4/28, chars:17120, date:2017-10-25T15:52:09+00:00, version:BUILD /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:52:08+00:00: 1-1c2ee73f closed in issue #39 /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:52:07+00:00: 31-bd057c47 closed in issue #38 /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:52:06+00:00: 31-30e0dcda closed in issue #37 /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:52:05+00:00: 31-3016794f closed in issue #36 /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:52:04+00:00: 31-641f9fa5 closed in issue #35 /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:52:03+00:00: 1-e4c85f20 closed in issue #34 /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:52:01+00:00: 3-41f7e700 closed in issue #22 /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:52:00+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:4/28, chars:16840, date:2017-10-25T15:52:00+00:00, version:BUILD /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:51:59+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:4/28, chars:16805, date:2017-10-25T15:51:59+00:00, version:BUILD /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:51:58+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:4/28, chars:16770, date:2017-10-25T15:51:58+00:00, version:BUILD /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:51:57+00:00: 3-5ec03020 closed in issue #12 /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:51:56+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:4/28, chars:16665, date:2017-10-25T15:51:56+00:00, version:BUILD /BUILD

2017-10-25T15:51:55+00:00: 3-04ce612e closed in issue #10 /BUILD

2017-09-30T19:08:58+00:00: 110-9c9d8a7c closed in issue #111 /BUILD

2017-09-30T19:08:55+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:4/28, chars:16630, date:2017-09-30T19:08:55+00:00, version:BUILD /BUILD

2017-09-16T09:24:11+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:5/28, chars:16629, date:2017-09-16T09:24:11+00:00, version:BUILD /BUILD

2017-09-16T09:24:10+00:00: 41-15a94873 closed in issue #48 /BUILD