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Since 2021-01-18T20:15:28+00:00

2021-01-12T20:26:26+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:37/185, chars:113212, date:2021-01-12T20:26:25+00:00, version:0.30.22 /0.30.22

2021-01-11T21:39:29+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:37/185, chars:113212, date:2021-01-11T21:39:28+00:00, version:0.30.22 /0.30.22

2021-01-11T21:39:25+00:00: DEV-522da350 submitted in issue #289: "Refactor this method in order to make it more human-readable and remove the suppresion below" at lib/lazylead/confluence.rb; 107-108 /0.30.22

2021-01-11T21:39:22+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:37/185, chars:113163, date:2021-01-11T21:39:21+00:00, version:0.30.22 /0.30.22

2021-01-11T21:39:14+00:00: DEV-4c7bf361 submitted in issue #288: "Remove the suppression during next refactoring (or enhancements) for the method below" at lib/lazylead/model.rb; 185-186 /0.30.22

2021-01-11T21:39:09+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:37/185, chars:113114, date:2021-01-11T21:39:08+00:00, version:0.30.22 /0.30.22

2020-10-03T09:46:55+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:35/183, chars:112176, date:2020-10-03T09:46:54+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-10-03T08:24:10+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:35/183, chars:112176, date:2020-10-03T08:24:10+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-10-03T08:24:07+00:00: DEV-9b6b032b submitted in issue #229: "Gem 'mail' sends email as a single line, find a way how to add symbol '\n' to each line for email..." at test/test.rb; 116-117 /0.30.21

2020-10-03T08:24:04+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:35/183, chars:112127, date:2020-10-03T08:24:03+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-08-18T18:01:58+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:34/182, chars:111646, date:2020-08-18T18:01:57+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-08-16T21:09:39+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:34/182, chars:111646, date:2020-08-16T21:09:39+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-08-16T21:09:36+00:00: DEV-e7fc76fb submitted in issue #205: "error code is required for each 'raise' statement within the application. Align the naming of..." at lib/lazylead/schedule.rb; 43-45 /0.30.21

2020-08-16T21:09:32+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:34/182, chars:111597, date:2020-08-16T21:09:32+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-08-16T21:09:30+00:00: DEV-5c42e854 closed in issue #131 /0.30.21

2020-08-16T21:09:28+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:34/182, chars:111562, date:2020-08-16T21:09:27+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-08-16T21:09:25+00:00: DEV-e234446b closed in issue #130 /0.30.21

2020-08-16T21:09:22+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:34/182, chars:111527, date:2020-08-16T21:09:21+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-08-16T21:09:19+00:00: 10-74e00feb closed in issue #119 /0.30.21

2020-08-16T21:09:17+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:34/182, chars:111492, date:2020-08-16T21:09:16+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-08-16T21:09:14+00:00: DEV-6508c131 closed in issue #110 /0.30.21

2020-08-16T21:09:11+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:34/182, chars:111457, date:2020-08-16T21:09:11+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-08-16T10:48:39+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:37/181, chars:110929, date:2020-08-16T10:48:38+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21

2020-08-16T10:48:35+00:00: DEV-5661d0b8 closed in issue #189 /0.30.21

2020-08-16T10:48:34+00:00: Saved XML, puzzles:37/181, chars:110894, date:2020-08-16T10:48:33+00:00, version:0.30.21 /0.30.21